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Become a member of MOCD

Membership is one of the most vital sources of support for our community. Becoming a member forms a sacred link between benefactors, practitioners, the land, and the Dharma. In entering into this cycle of reciprocity, everyone involved is benefitted. In particular, membership supports the livelihood of our resident teachers by providing reliable income. This relationship of sponsorship has been an expression of honor and open-heartedness since the time of the Buddha. It is an essential cause for the Dharma to be nurtured in this region, and is also an essential condition for the resilience of the Sangha.    

Membership benefits

As an expression of the sacred link between our community, our land, and contemplative practice, members of any level are welcome to stay at any of the rooms for a private retreat at the center free of charge for six nights a year.  

MOCD is a tax-exempt non-profit 501c3 organization.